Our company

MotoMon’s offices are located in Miami, Florida, USA and in Czech Republic with distributors worldwide. Over the last decade we have developed one of the industry leading mobile asset electronic GPS tracking applications. It’s available in 12 languages and is currently operating in over 45 countries. Our success in part comes from always listening to our customer’s needs and the ability to create realistic solutions, which ultimately saves time and money. Continually improving the GPS tracking platform which resolves real world logistics problems is the heart of what we do best. The constant attention to details, personalized service, and turn-key integration of individual corporate requirements is what makes us an industry leader.

MotoMon continues in this area of business, however, in recent years, the company created a strong software department that is dedicated to the development of online applications aimed at solving problems related to our field of business.

The company developed popular and currently very widespread system AutoGPS, which has already exceeded capabilities of ordinary electronic log books, by which it was originally defined. AutoGPS system is currently the “flagship” product of our software department.

SYSDO attendance system is building on success of AutoGPS. SYSDO was designed with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity of control, and as is our custom, with use of cloud technology, great strength of our attendance system is it’s affordability.

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