SYSDO terminal

What is SYSDO terminal?

Mobile application “SYSDO terminal” works as a usual terminal where each user logs in by his PIN code. Although the user interface of this application is the same as the one of the virtual terminal, the use is different. The application can be installed in any device running android OS. This device is used as an attendance terminal. Unlike the virtual terminal this device with installed SYSDO terminal serves to all users. The device, usually a tablet, can be firmly fastened to a wall at the entrance to your company building.

Common usage

A tablet placed at a reception desk or at a company building entrance. A huge advantage of this solution is the mobility. It is possible to place the device at any place with the internet connection.

Advantages of SYSDO terminal

  • Simplicity
  • Null acquisition costs
  • Mobility
  • Any amount of terminals in a company